Klout social media and it’s possible potential

Klout logo   Photo courtesy of http://www.google.com/imgres?

Klout logo Photo courtesy of http://www.google.com/imgres?

Before this assignment, I had never heard of Klout as a social media platform.  Sure, I’m very involved and up to date with the latest social media trends, but I am finding that there are so many out that that I only am familiar with a very few.  I feel a little overwhelmed with all of these new social media sites because I want to be “cool” and in the loop on the latest trends.  I recently got an iPhone 5s for Christmas.  This is an upgrade and major technology shock from my Blackberry Bold that I have been used to for the past five years.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this new phone and it is convenient having all forms of social media at my fingertips; it just will take a little getting used to for me.  Now, Professor DeLoma introduced this Klout website which I am not very fond of at all.

First, it does not let you create an account.  You simply sign in with either your Facebook or Twitter accounts.  I read the terms and conditions thoroughly because I hate when these newer social media sites connect all of your accounts together and send spam posts to all of your friends on both Facebook and Twitter –how embarrassing.  I only continued with Klout because the privacy settings seemed to be legitimate.  After signing in with Facebook, my page was blank.  My Klout page had my Facebook profile picture automatically, which I thought was a little creepy.  I tried to change this picture because I like having different profile pictures on different social media websites, but Klout did not allow me to.  I also tried to create a “First Post” but Klout also did not allow me to write anything.  I then got a confirmation email to my Yahoo email account, saying my Klout score was 11, which I assume is pretty low considering I just began.  However, on my Klout page it said I have 35 notifications.  I tried typing in friends and celebrity names in the top search box like Klout encouraged me to, but nothing popped up underneath.  When I clicked ‘Perks’ nothing happened, along with when I clicked on the “Create, Schedule, and Measure” tabs on the left side.  I did not find one single strength from Klout after signing in with my Facebook account.  I was definitely disappointed and a confused, and felt like Klout had dropped the ball because it’s home page made it seem like a really cool new social media site.

I did not lose faith and tried logging in with my Twitter account.  Again, right off the bat they had my Twitter profile picture from me on Halloween –which again I thought was a little creepy.  Using Twitter, my Yahoo email said that my Klout score was 33, pretty close to the average of 40.  This was a pleasant surprise since I have no idea what is going on with this site.  But again, I tried the tabs on the left and tried writing a post but nothing allowed me to do so.

I’m not going to lie, I do not really enjoy Klout and do not yet understand it’s full potential or ability to become a major form of social media.  I imagine it allows you to interact with others while sharing your personal photos, thoughts and emotions through text, and possibly hashtags.  I do like how it automatically links your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and it would be really interesting to have a combination of the two on Klout.  However, I was not able to do anything after my first try on Klout.  I thought this site was going to be awesome, hwoever I am left feeling less than unsatisfied.

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