Social Media Platforms: Which to choose and use

Gold iPhone 5s.  Photo courtesy of

Gold iPhone 5s. Photo courtesy of

It’s no lie that technology is increasing rapidly here in the 21st century.  New websites and social media outlets are constantly being created and updated in order for individuals to share the most information possible online.  Regarding social media, this information tends to be personal and about everyday life.  It may be a little nerve racking trying to keep up with the latest and “coolest” social media trends.  And I feel you here.  I just got a gold iPhone 5s for Christmas, upgrading from a Blackberry Bold, and ever since I have felt very overwhelmed with so many social media platforms at my fingertips.  

I am trying to adapt to this technology shock as best as I can but sometimes I find it too hard to focus on school work and assignments with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram notifications blowing up my phone every few seconds.  I am still trying to figure out Instagram with the different filters you can put on pictures and different hashtags to properly caption each photo.  So I’m left to wonder; is it just me feeling this way?  I understand that we are the millennials and our generation is encouraged more than ever to use as many of the sites as we possibly can to share our own personal experiences on an everyday basis.

After discussing the issue with my roommates and friends, I posted the question on Facebook and Twitter; what is your favorite social media platform and why?  It seemed simple enough to fit into a Facebook comment or 140 character reply on Twitter and I encouraged my friends and followers to respond.  My results were satisfying and I really got a solid gauge on how college juniors and seniors feel towards certain social media outlets.

Facebook logo.  Photo courtesy of

Facebook logo. Photo courtesy of

First comes Facebook, where I was flooded with comments underneath my status question.  Some friends I had not even spoken to in years even added their input and I was really grateful for that.  Others noticed once a few people commented and I had nearly twenty people giving me their favorite social media site and why.  A small debate between Facebook and Twitter arose in the comments and this was interesting for me.  I did not expect people to have such emotional feeling for their social media choice.  A few comments stood out, mostly because they were a tad nasty toward others’ opinions.  Although I wanted to intervene by encouraging people to simply state what they prefer and why and not to knock anyone else’s, I did not.  I wanted to see where the discussion led because the people in the small argument did not know each other personally, which is the beauty of social media.  Interacting with people whom you may have never met before.

Lauren Godding, a junior at Emerson College, commented “People hate Facebook now, but honestly, it’s still the best social media platform in my opinion. Why share pictures on Instagram, videos on Vine, and status updates on Twitter when you can do it all on Facebook? Plus, the Facebook privacy settings are really customizable, which I like.”

She does have a point.  Facebook can do nearly the same as Twitter and Instagram by adding photos and text.  However, other friends immediately shot down her notion.  Godding was the only Facebook user to willingly choose hitting the ‘book than chirping.  Sami Moore, a sophomore at Quinnipiac University prefers Twitter.

On Facebook Moore commented on my status “Twitter! It’s quick and easy and still shares a lot about a person!”

Quinnipiac junior David Crosby said “Twitter. As I love letting everyone know what I’m consistently thinking, or eating (hint: it’s cereal).”

Nicole Kenneally is a junior at Quinnipiac as well, and said “Instagram because I like seeing what other people are up to via pictures.”

Casey Randazzo also commented on Facebook.  The senior at Quinnipiac said “Twitter because it’s short and too the point.”  On Facebook, my friends’ comments overwhelmingly declared Twitter as the favorite social media choice.  Here is the link to my personal Facebook account at  I enjoy the privacy settings too but friend me to see the heated discussion.

Twitter logo.  Photo courtesy of

Twitter logo. Photo courtesy of

Next, I explored my Twitter follower’s preference. I noticed that Twitter fans mostly favored chirping over other social media competitors.  William Hammond, a junior at Quinnipiac University especially enjoyed Twitter’s time sequence with posts.

“It is more up to date and it feels more instant since its arranged in the order it was tweeted,” said Hammond.  This was also a valid point.  Twitter’s page layout is much less daunting than a long Facebook post.  And Twitter also marks the time that the message was posted.  Samantha Barbagallo is a follower of mine who also chose Twitter because she likes to stay in the loop with celebrity gossip.

“Twitter it lets u connect w/ friends & celebrities u can post whatever u want yet it’s not long and annoying like an Fbook status,” said Barbagallo.  Notice the word count crunch on her response -less than 140 characters!  Others posted that they do not mind the character restraint because it forces one to stick to the point without going off on long tangents, which some say is the hassle of Facebook.  Follow me on Twitter @NikNakk23 http://twitter./NikNakk23 to see the whole discussion.

According to this small study, I found that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were the ‘go- to’ social media platforms that students my age prefer.  Going into it I thought that those who responded via Facebook would favor Facebook over the other competitors and the same for Twitter users, but I found that was not always the case.  Although some were using Facebook to state their favorite a majority of people preferred Twitter.  Instagram favorites even surfaced a few times on Facebook and Twitter where I posted the question, however only three peers in total preferred the ‘filtered-picture-with-hashtag-caption’ sensation.  I was surprised at how many people supported Twitter too.  It seems that everyone loves to share photographs, videos, and post any text they wish, but on different websites.  Everybody has their own favorite social media outlet, and I would love to know yours too.  Please post any comments below.  Stay curious.

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